Monday, March 21, 2011

Quote of the Day

hi there ~ don't you just love this one!

another Monday
but there is good news too

it's Spring!!

we had a great week-end
got some much needed organizing done on Saturday

a few drinks with friends that night

then on Sunday
we went to the Home Show

looked at flooring
and windows
and doors
and stairs ~ railings
you know
fun stuff!

we are getting some quotes
and I hope to have some pictures to share soon

I finished my book
and started another

and on Sunday night
we had our first BBQ'd steak
of the season

it was wonderful.

I hope everyone had a great week-end

5 comments: said...

Really?! A great weekend like that AND you BBQ'd?! You are killing me here! I thought that I might get some outdoors cleaning done, but the weather was waaaaay to cold. It needs to be a touch warmer here for me!

Mikal said...

Isn't that first steak of the year great? We grilled earlier in the week and I was in heaven! :)

I have missed every home show this year... I hate when that happens! I did wander around Home Depot yesterday... crazy that I love that store! LOL

Which books are you reading? I went into the thrift stores on Saturday and I told Dave that I was NOT buying any books... I came out with six! I don't know how it happened... hee hee

Unknown said...

Love that quote!!

Sounds like a great week-end :)

I have SO many books waiting to be read, I have promised myself not to buy any more until my pile gets at least a little smaller :) xx

Jboo said...

How fun to BBQ already! Love that spring is here! Come on flowers and trees -- I'm ready for some color!


Cathi said...

The quote is fabulous and so very true - who wants to grow up anyways? haha...

I have just started a new book myself, have been reading quite a bit the last few months and loving it!

We had some winter like weather this weekend, but it was nice to relax indoors (as long as it doesn't last too long!)

Have an awesome week, my lovely friend! xxoo :)