Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Potpourri

Here we are 
the end of the week has indeed arrived
and I am still missing that hour of sleep I lost
last week-end

I know, I know
wah wah wah

this week was a week
that I did not spend a whole lot of time
on the computer

I jumped back on the Wii
did some reading
and shopping
not a whole lot really
just got some stuff done

we are still looking at vacation packages
and hope to have something nailed down and booked
by the end of the week
next week....

I went looking for a new bathing suit 
and it was not a good time at all

partnered with the fact
that I have gained some of my weight back
I need to focus again

I need to lay off the sweets
and cut down my portions again

focus ~ focus

we will have a busy week-end
a surprise party on Saturday night

and the Home Show on Sunday
I am looking for stairs
and a new railing

I am excited ~ it is one of my favorite shows

I have also been compiling a list
46 for 46

I borrowed the idea from Mikal
since I am turning 46 next month
and you know ~ it is hard
since I feel I have already shared so much

but I am getting ready...

this one is for my Grammy Stiles
it was 24 years yesterday since she passed

she had Alzheimer disease
you know ~ I wish that was able to get to know her
as an adult
I think we would have had a lot in common...

Have a wonderful week-end my sweets


4 comments: said...

As always it sounds like you have a scrumptious weekend planned! I have to say you look awesome for 46! Who would of thunk it! I am looking forward to summer and dreading the bathing suit part! Bah! If only I could stop eating everything in sight!

Mikal said...

Is that a forget-me-not? I LOVE those little flowers... they remind me of someone I loved very much too. {{{{HUG}}}}} for grammy memories...

I'm working on my list's not coming as easy as I thought it would... still trying to figure that one out!

I LOVE that CS Lewis quote.... need to print it out and stick to my forehead! :)

Love you sweets, enjoy your weekend!

Farmgirl Paints said...

love the tennis shoe quote. your new background is really pretty too. it's so hard keeping an eye on the weight thing. it's always been a constant struggle for me too lori. i've been really lax with my eating and movement. need to buckle down. i have a big vacay next month to prepare for. have a great weekend friend.


Love the bliss tea cup, the cs lewis quote and the anticipation of your list of 46 things to celebrate your birthday next month. Wow, I had better start now . . . my next birthday, which isn't until December, my list would be 59 things. How did that happen?