Monday, March 7, 2011

Make Me Smile

I am a planner
a list maker

in order for me to get anything done
I need something that I can check off

some call it super organized
not sure what I call it really
because if I do not write it down
chances are I will forget about it

then Sunday night will roll around
and I will kick myself in the butt for forgetting
that one thing I had planned to do
and didn't

why as women do we beat ourselves up
all the time

is it programmed into our DNA?

I am attempting to turn over a new leaf
what's done is done
no sense in fretting about it
you cannot turn back the clock
and ask for a do-over

there are quite a few things I did not get done
this week-end
but do you know what...
it doesn't matter ~ because they will still be there
next week-end

after the same routine
all week long ~ right down to my daily breakfast
I need to break out of this mold
it is not a rut I say!!

Yesterday I bought some tulips
they are just starting to open up
and they make me smile

having warmer than usual weather all week-end
took the snowbanks down by a couple of feet
and widening the driveway makes me smile

warm peanut butter chocolate chip cookies
right out of the oven make me smile
my thighs are frowning but 
what's done is done
knowing that because I made chili yesterday
that supper will be ready tonight when
I come home from work
and that does not just make me smile
it makes me very happy!

having my picture frames hung in the master bedroom
with 3 out of the 4 pictures in them
is good and bad
notice I said 3 out of the 4
but I am not stressing over it

as one of the prints I sent to get enlarged
was landscape instead of portrait layout
so off I go again...

hoping that maybe I can put a smile on just one person's
face today ~ that will make me very happy

Have a wonderful day!

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Blondie's Journal said...

You have the right attitude, Lori! You can only get so much done in a weekend and you did quite a bit and are looking at the positive. I wish I were a list maker, I sort of go with the flow, but I do have my routines and it keeps things running smoothly from day to day.

Your tulips are beautiful...I hope they keep that smile on your face all week long!


Lou said...

Hi Lori - what a sweet post. I do think we all need to lighten up and stop being so hard on ourselves. You are right - there are many things to smile about. Today is glorious sun for example and I have some 'me' time before heading over to help out my sister in law with her newborn. It's nice being an Auntie. Lou x said...

You always make me smile! I am a list maker too. I have to write down EVERYTHING or I will forget it. Too bad I don't write down where I leave the lists. I usually find them a day or two later. You accomplished alot more than I did. I just trashed the rest of the house trying to get one room cleaned! It's still not done and the rest is still a mess. Why is it that I make a bigger mess trying to get something clean?

Love the tulips! I need some tulips here to remind me spring is right around the corner.

Farmgirl Paints said...

I'm a list maker too. I have them scribbled all over the place. Drives my husband crazy because there are too many and it's just disorganized chaos. It's a wonder I ever manage to get anything done:)

Cathi said...

Well, you definitely made me smile!! I am the exact opposite of you - I don't like making lists at all (my sis and daughter love to) and I am always switching things up as I like change....Loving the tulips, those are gorgeous. Enjoy your day, Lori!! xxoo :) P.S. I met my little nephew and he is beyond adorable!!


I am a happy list maker, too. I even write things down after I did them . . . just so I can click them off.

Tulips and cookies = perfect.


Mikal said...

I'm sure we are sisters from another mother!

Great attitude sweets... we MUST be good to ourselves. That is my lesson this year too...


Recaptured Charm said...

You make ME smile! Love this post, and so very true.

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

Hi Lori,

Thank you for your sweet words about little Maximus. I am so relieved that he is feeling better. I love making lists, too... it's the only way I can remember to get things done! And tulips (all flowers, really) make me so happy, too!