Sunday, December 26, 2010

Something About Christmastime...

What a wonderful week-end we had
rightly filled with family 
and festive sights and sounds

I had Christmas Eve day off this year
so it was nice to do things at my own pace
instead of a mad dash

Santa came early when the postman delivered a gift
from afar (more on this later)

and then I received something else
in a card which touched my heart
and brought tears to my eyes

this necklace from this sweet lady
thank you, thank you!

she said that when she saw it she thought of me
isn't that just the sweetest thing!

so then after church we came back here
and had some drinks and nibblies

Cooper was social this year
and came around to check everything 
and everybody out

 the 2 Mom's in my life
my Mother in law Barb and of course my Mom
I love it how they get along so well

my best girl

and updated pic of me with my new "do"

after everyone left
I relaxed on the couch
and appreciated the tree 
and some Christmas music

 Christmas Day was incredible

along with being blessed
I was totally spoiled

Miss Molly playing with her new toy

and a cat in a box

after we finished opening our gifts
we got ready and headed to Mom's

the Stiles crew eating dinner
with our hats on
a family tradition

after dinner we opened our gifts
and spent some quality time together

Gord with his girls
Katrina & Samantha

 today I finally hung my new wreath
that I made
better late than never!

this is what the weather was like
as we headed to Trev's parents in the afternoon

they are calling for 30 - 60 cm to fall tonight
into Monday and maybe Tuesday

that's OK as I will be just as happy to stay in tomorrow
in my jammies
and watch some movies
and eat salad ~ or maybe pizza!

Hope you all had the best week-end ever
I will be around to visit
keep your fingers crossed that we do not lose our power!



Farmgirl Paints said...

First off the hair is super cute. So is the it in front of that mirror. Oh and your tree is enormous. Just beautiful. Looks like a wonderFULL day:)

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Love your new do! Your decorations look so pretty and your family too! Hope you get to stay in your pjs all day!

Mikal said...

LOVE your wreath! I need to make one with the red ornaments I bought now too... nothing says Christmas like RED!

So happy your weekend was full of love and coziness, have a great week!