Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Potpourri

Hello & Happy Friday!

the lights are up outside
(thanks babe)

the parcels are in the mail

I never got my cards done this week
so tonight I will sit down and do those

I did finish making 3 of these
well 2 are complete ~ pictures to come

 last week-end our little town looked like this
but with mild temps and rain
the snow is almost gone
but it is more enjoyable for shopping!

 last night I had a date with my hubby
we go to Swiss Chalet for their festive special
every year

it's a tradition and oh so good
then like kids we come home with our chocolates
and trade our favorites
I get the milk chocolate ~ he gets the dark
we are too funny!

we just may take advantage of the mild weather 
and head out this week-end and get the tree

it will not go up til next week-end though
because I love keeping it up until New Year's Day

 aren't these cute
via Martha ~ of course

I won't be making them but they reminded me
of an angel Mom made years ago with a Reader's Digest 

very similar to this one
but hers was gold

so why did a tree remind me of an angel
guess it was made out of paper ~ but it sparked the memory

We have a busy week-end planned
hoping to get lots checked off my list

Happy Hanukkah to those celebrating
and Happy Week-end to all!



Joyce said...

I remember making an angel similiar as a kid in school! Thanks for the memories. Have a golden weekend! xo

Cathi said...

You have been a busy girl!!! I love that paper decoration from Martha! Much love to you, Lori! xxoo :)

Farmgirl Paints said...

happy weekend to you too lori, such eye candy...loved the wreath and the pretty wrapped parcels:)

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

I love all of the festive pictures... I bet your lights look pretty, you have gotten so much done. Can't wait to see some pictures of those wreaths. I bet they are beautiful. Hope you have a fabulous Friday, glad you had a good date with your husband :)