Sunday, March 22, 2015

From the Heart

I have written about my 2 nieces before
and how much I adore these girls that bless me by calling me Aunt

Sam & Kat

today I am focusing on the youngest
her name is Samantha

I know I did a post last May titled Motherhood

it was a hard one to write ~ I put myself out there a lot
but I usually do not delve deep
truth be told I was missing out ~ what was it like to see yourself
in another being
would they look like you ~ talk like you ~ like the same things that you do?

I know that if we had of adopted ~ I would see myself in this child
born from my heart and not from my womb
but since that never happened for us ~ that void would always be there

or would it......

enter my beautiful ~ almost 16 (eek) year old mini me
she is so much like me it scares me a little

she loves to read ~ real books

and she is a writer ~ a word girl
I don't think she met a quote she doesn't like
sound familiar?

 a music lover, she has such a soft heart
anything to do with animals and we are both there
and if it is a sad story ~ there are tears from us both

a couple of weeks ago we spent the day together ~ visiting used book stores
drinking cappuccinos ~ talking about authors
she loves Nicholas Sparks ~ I introduced her to a couple of my favourite authors

we talked about music
about the lyrics ~ the words are just as important as the melody
and she likes one of my fav bands ~ I know you know all of their music
which songs should I download?

I took her picture ~ posted it to Instagram and my best friend commented
 "Oh my goodness ~ it is like taking a step back in time ~ she looks just like you"

when I got home after dropping her off
my heart was full
and I was gushing and telling Trevor about how I was feeling
all these years I thought I would never know ~ but I do and it is the coolest thing

then I wrapped him in a hug realizing that he will never feel the same
and I felt selfish for being so excited....
he brushed it off and I toned it down ~ I love this boy 

a couple of weeks later Sam posted the following to Instagram
as she is doing a photo a day challenge ~ the prompt was idol
she wrote:
"I don't have an idol but this chick really inspires me"

it was on this picture ~ taken of her and I at her junior prom
can you say peacock moment??  My heart almost burst in my chest!

I scanned this picture last week and used it for throwback Thursday
she sees it now too

So my little sweet pea is growing up and I could not be prouder of the person she is becoming


Delena said...

What a beautiful post as well as your niece. You are going to have such a bond for life.

Ann said...

Her instagram post of you is so sweet ♥

You are both lucky to have each other.

Leslie Harris said...

A peacock moment. I love the term and I also know what you mean. When I read her words I actually imagined how touched you must have felt. I don't have a daughter either and in some ways I can relate to not having a girl child to see glimpses of myself in...but I'm so happy that you've been blessed with such a special niece.