Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Well hello.....

how was your summer?

we have been adjusting ~ it has been a different one for us for sure
but with change comes acceptance
and we move along
we still work and eat and sleep
and rinse and repeat
and somewhere along the line ~ new memories are made

July was a bit of a blur ~ then my cousin called (aka my best girl)
and she wondered if she could come down for a week or so
with her 2 boys for a little vacation

I checked with Trev as did not know if he would be up to company
but he said yes and we had a great time

the first weekend they were here was the last weekend of July
and we had a family gathering
I think the final count was 25 and the only pics I took were of the kids on my phone

do I regret not getting my "big girl" camera out ~ a little
but I had so much fun just chatting with everyone and enjoying the day

we did some fun things during the week then headed to the cape on Friday night

 this is Gina, Brandon & Kyle
let's just say that these boys were raised in the city
they had no service on their phones ~ no wifi ~ 2 channels on the tv
they were lost

and I think the cottage is a little but too rustic for them
but all in all we had a good time

Our cousin Anne came down on Saturday for another visit
then that night we made a big bonfire ~ roasted hot dogs and marshmallows

we watched the sandpipers take flight on the beach
climbed rocks ~ walked through fields ~ visited the farm
and told stories to the boys 

I love how the sweet william is still blooming at the farm

the following weekend my God daughter Jillian was married
I will do an entire wedding post because I am so happy for this one
I am so proud

then the next weekend was the giant flea market in Sussex
which we always go with #thebestneighboursever
and although we did not bring a lot home ~ we had fun

this past weekend Trevor worked charter both days
driving bus to shuttle people back and forth to the airport as we had an air show

then a family gathering on Sunday for his side which he couldn't attend but I did

I thought I would find it hard being at the camp
but I think him not being there made it easier for me as in my state of denial
I put both him and his Dad off somewhere together

I know when it finally does hit me it will be like a landslide
and I am bracing myself for it

I hope your summer has been full of sunshine and rain showers
smiles and tears of happiness not sorrow

I will be around to visit ~ I have been reading all summer 
trying to keep up

vacation starts on Friday and I for one am ready



Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh Lori,
How lovely to see you back again. What a sad and difficult time it has been for you and Trev and his family but, it sounds as if you are getting back to some normality even though it is hard. As everyone says, time really helps and, you should find things just a little better each day.
Your photographs are brilliant and, I find that, the photos I take on my phone can be just as good as with my ' grown-up ' camera !!
Keep smiling, chin up and cherish all of your memories and good times you both shared with Lee throughout your lives.
Take care both of you and Iwill be thinking of you. XXXX

Unknown said...

A bittersweet post today, and you certainly did create some precious new memories.

Cathi said...

Welcome back - glad to see that you have been making some really good new memories while mourning your takes time as you well know, so I am hoping and praying that you and Trevor are being gentle with each other and yourselves. Sending you lots of love, hugs and sunshine, sweet friend. You have been in my thoughts! xxoo

Farmgirl Paints said...

Hi girlie. I'm ready to light some candles and eat hot soup.

CCTVideatechnosolutions said...
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Leslie Harris said...

Hello my friend.
Read this post the other day and I'm finally back to comment. Your line,'with change comes acceptance' really struck me. It's been an emotional summer for me too and I could really identify with these words. I'm just so glad you're back in blogland again after a tough summer. Losses are so hard.
I'm off to read about that lovely wedding now!