Saturday, May 30, 2009

Love Affair with Lilacs

I got to thinking ~ are Lilacs wildflowers? You find the most beautiful bushes at old homesteads, farms and such. Where did they come from, who planted them there? I do not think my grandmother went to the garden center or mercantile to buy a lilac bush….

So I tried to do some research and although there are plenty of websites out there about lilacs ~ I could not find anything to suit my curiosities. I guess I will just continue my love affair with them ~ don’t try to give me anything lilac scented ~ I want the real thing, or nothing at all!

Although I love them all, I like the darker purple the best This lighter mauve is what I have now ~ once we get a new house, I will have a new lilac bush!

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Unknown said...

I just love lilacs ....there seem to have been lots of them locally this year. They always remind me of growing up in Wales - we had them in our garden as did my grandparents.
Lovely photos Lori x