Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cat Grooming 101

While Miss Molly gets most of the spotlight here at home, a huge chunk of my heart belong to my handsome boy ~ Cooper.

Well ~ he is all boy ~ and like most small boys ~ Ab-so-lute-ly HATES to be brushed. As you can see he has quite the coat on him, so it is a major event when the time comes to get at him and try to brush out mats that seem to appear overnight. It helps when before I even touch him he "screeches" and it sounds like I am stabbing him with a butcher knife. I now take him into our half bath, settle in on the floor with my grooming tools and usually comb a kitten or two out of him. Well ~ our last trip was eventful and full of blood, sweat & tears! He got the best of me, I am sorry to admit....

Did I mention I love shaving around these types of wounds??

I will become the victor though in this little war as he is off to the groomer's tomorrow for his annual summer cut ~ then he will become my little lion.

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