Sunday, September 27, 2015

Memory Makers

Test test ~ anyone still out there
or have you given up hope that I would ever be back?

Although fall is one of my favourite times of the year
I hold onto summer for as long as I can because I know that
winter ~ the longest season ever in these parts
just goes on forever and is not on my list of things I look forward to 

so with that being said ~ August was fantastic

we spent the long weekend at the cottage and along with some pretty
spectacular sunsets ~ I did a lot of reading ~ relaxing
and walking.  This is the old road and I cannot get over how the alders
have grown up 

we celebrated our anniversary at a yummy new Italian restaurant
so good ~ everything was excellent

I also found a new shop that I love ~ doesn't hurt that she is from the Maritimes
and you know how I love to shop local
check out Rhubarb Paper Co here

weekends were busy with company in from out of town ~ a family gathering ~
time at the flea with my hubby ~ and then my best girl arrived for a few days

we had some deck time ~ some girl time
a trip to the shore for fried clams and lots of together time
which was the best part of all

Labour day weekend took us back to the cottage
it really is the best place to unwind ~ do as much or as little as you want
this summer there were not many projects completed
but we enjoyed the time we had

as we locked up to head home I was overcome with emotion
I thought I was going to cry ~ it was like I was walking away and never coming back
I tried not to read anything into it but it felt weird and yes ~ I have been back since!

I took a weeks vacation in September
did not do a whole lot but I did have a date with this one
we went out to the shore ~ had some supper
walked and talked on the beach ~ laughed and took pictures
it was a great afternoon and evening

back to school and back to work
some projects on the agenda
hoping to get back to my Friday posts

hope everyone had a great weekend


Barbara Lilian in France said...

Hello Lori.... Nice to see you back after your summer break. What better time to spend with family and friends which are all so important. Love your photos especially the track leading to the beach, I love the feel of sand on my bare feet. Take care and enjoy your week,

Delena said...

Whew! Glad to see you back. I enjoy your blog very much. I am sure the Fall colors are breath taking in Eastern Canada.

Cathi said...

Well hello there - nice to see you around these parts. Your summer sounds absolutely wonderful - glad you enjoyed every part of it! Welcome back, lovely lady. I actually did a post myself. Love and hugs!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

You did have a lovely Summer Lori ...... and some yummy things to eat !!!!
I've had trouble with my computer but I'm back on track now.
Hope that you have a wonderful Autumn and that Winter won't start any time soon !! XXXX

Foxanddahlia said...

It looks like you had a super Summer. Really good to have you back and all your lovely images. XXX