Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Summer So Far

So Sunday I posted about Canada Day 
and I thought I would share some more happenings around here

I forgot to share my picture of the "cheese ball" I took out to Sam's party
after trying to make a giant maple leaf ~ I turned to my trusting cookie cutters
and arranged mini ones around the plate
I forgot to get a picture once the crackers were added ~ but it was fun and festive!

Although we have been to the cottage for day trips
we had not been down overnight once so far this summer
until last weekend that it is

can you believe it?
there has been so much going on ~ good things too
that we don't like to miss out on ~ so we stay put

things like ribfest ~ oh my Lord ~ hubby loves them
and I must admit ~ I like the not cooking part
and do enjoy a rib myself

there were 5 vendors and we bought from 4 of the 5 and shared
so we could try them all ~ well almost them all
we went last year for the first time and marked it on our calendars this year
it is a can't miss event

then the following weekend was the Atlantic Nationals
Friday night downtown is always a blast
Trev goes for the cars and I go for the social aspect
we tend to go early as there is usually a good crowd of people come 7 o'clock
and this year was no different

one of the big draws this year was a fav Canadian band was playing
so it brought even more people to the event

I shared a couple of pics on Instagram of the night
but this was when I gave Trev my phone and he held it up at arms length
and took a shot of Main Street ~ it was wild ~ so many people

April Wine still sounds as good as when I was a teen
so glad we went.

Saturday morning we got up ~ packed up and headed to the cottage
the lawn needed mowed ~ I cleaned up a bit and put stuff away
took over and did the rest of the mowing then we sat on our butts
and enjoyed the quiet

I read and napped and took pics
we ate well ~ played crib and slept sound
when we got up on Sunday there was nowhere we had to be

we visited with my uncle and I wandered through the fields
with my camera so I could get some shots of this

a sea Devil's paintbrushes ~ so pretty ~ so much orange
I don't think I have ever seen that many there at one time

we enjoyed the rest of the day ~ had supper then packed up and headed for home.

This past weekend was Mama's birthday
so we scooped her up on Saturday and went down the the camp
Trev's Mom was down so we busted in on her ~ put her gazebo up
and had some quality deck time with family and good friends.

Hope your week is going well!

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Van@Luxuria said...

Sounds like so much fun and absolutely idyllic :-)