Friday, January 2, 2015

A New Day

What does the new year mean to you?

do you look at it as a time to reflect on the past year
your accomplishments ~ things that made you smile
and things that broke your heart?

or do you see a fresh new page
this is your story ~ your life
do you want to make some changes
be the change ~ make things happen?

I do a little of both....

when I look back at the last year I see that I only posted 35 times
wow ~ not like me at all
I did take a step back from blogging ~ I always said that if it felt like work
I was not going to do it 

but I missed it
I blogged the important things

documented celebrations like Katrina's prom and graduation
time spent with Gina and the boys
my God daughter ~ Jillian's wedding 
my trip to Toronto to celebrate my fav Aunt & Uncle's anniversary

I absolutely love this picture of Gina and I!

and then some sad times too
my FIL ~ Lee's passing and losing a friend to violence

so when I look back on 2014
it was a year of uncertainty but we came out the other side
and the sun is shining ~ we adjust to the new normal

we pack up the tinsel and the baubles and the bows

clean the slate ~ pull out the new box of crayons
and make it happen

I have not picked a word
I have not made any resolutions
I have not yet set any goals
we are going to take each day ~ one day at a time
and live it ~ love it ~ be thankful for it

Thank you for being there for me throughout the year
I so love this community and the people I have met through blogging

Cheers to 2015!


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Happy, happy New Year Lori ……… here's hoping that 2015 is a good one. …. and, here's to continued blogging friendship. Much love XXXX

Cathi said...

I'm with you Lori - enjoying life one day at a time. I think my word last year was move and boy did I move. I was all over the place going from here to there. (Not exactly what I meant when I thought of my word)This year I'm just grateful for all my friends and family and for everything in my life. Looking forward to living simply, loving on my people and appreciating life. Happy New Year, Lori! Xxoo


I am in the camp of January is a fresh start.


Leslie Harris said...

I like your attitude Lori, I hear a lot of wisdom in your reflections on the past year. I also blogged less and I think blogging for me is becoming more a way to stay in touch and express myself in the moment. I don't want it to be a stressful thing. As far as the new year, I don't tend to do resolutions and words although I have some personal goals this time.
BTW- I also loved that photo of you and Gina it's so full of life, it makes me smile.