Friday, December 5, 2014


I have been on the blog trail this week
looking through all the beautiful homes on a
holiday house walk

it can inspire you or deflate you
a little green with envy at some
then I went on instagram and read these words

Comparison is the thief of joy...during this time of year when you see so many gorgeous homes decorated beautifully from top to bottom, it's easy to fall into the comparison trap and feel 'less' or not 'as good' etc. It just happened to me...But it's so important for us to keep the focus on why it is we adorn our homes in the first place. It's something that during the chaos of boxes and lights and pine needles and gift wrap and good store deals gets too easily lost. We have been given Christmas to spread the good news and to sprinkle love, kindness and compassion to those around is my hope for you and me to keep this front and center as we enter the holiday season. xoxo

Wow ~ she nailed it ~ she really did

the person that said it was Lucy from Craftberry Bush
she touched on it again in her blog post as she was part of the holiday house walk

I have not been following her feed for a long time
but that night I was so glad I did

you see I decorated the house last weekend
all but the mantle and centerpieces are done

and we will only go out on Sunday for the tree

my house will never be one to participate in a house walk
but it is home ~ the little trinkets I placed out on Saturday
spark a memory and bring me joy
and you know ~ that is what Christmas is all about

so year after year
I will put basically the same things in the same spots

I will put my tree up 2 weeks before Christmas

I will bake cookies ~ the ones we love
and only seem to make this time of year

I will buy my Mom cherry chocolates
because my Dad used to buy her one every year
and I love carrying on that tradition for her

I will wrap the gifts and curl the ribbon
listening to Elvis Christmas music
because I love it so

when I take these ornaments out of the box
and place them in this big vase I will remember that they hung
on the big tree at the farm
and be grateful that my Aunt gave them to me

this year we will make new memories
there will be an empty chair
we will miss my father in law like crazy

but we will be blessed because we will be together

Happy weekend.


Blondie's Journal said...

Perfect, Lori...just perfect. So sorry for the loss of your father in law.

In my years of blogging, and I know you've been blogging for a long time as well, I see the holiday decor large and small. Some of us grew up with that, some not. And some of us go all out, some of us don't. It's all good.

I like your style and how you incorporate reminders of the great memories you've carried. This year I'm going simple as last year I pulled out all the stops!! The year before I was quite simple and laid back. I go back and forth!!

I love those vintage ornaments.

Love to you this holiday season!

Jane xx


I like traditions, too, doing things the same way over and over again ... with sometimes just a little change.

And for empty chairs ... boo.


Cathi said...

You said it best Lori - "We will be blessed because we will all be together" that's what the holidays are all about for me too. I don't really have to do a lot of shopping these days and more and more I go for the mom and pop shops to buy something different for my loved ones. This has been a crazy year in many ways for me and my family and I truly will feel blessed just being with them - chatting, laughing, crying, singing and lots of hugging - those are the reals gifts for Christmas. I love visiting the holiday home tours but most of them are way over the top for me, I like simplicity in my decorating. From one quote sister to another you know I love that comparison quote - it's so true. Lots of love and hugs to you sweet friend - I think I feel like doing a post or two in the coming weeks to celebrate the important things in life. xxoo

Barbara Lilian in France said...

What a true and sincere post Lorrie I love dreading about wanting a simple Christmas full of memorable traditions.
In our family we still keep traditions, although we now have French & Danish traditions being added. Our daughter has a French husband and our son has a beautiful Danish wife. This year we that's Mr France & I along with our our grandchildren and daughter & her husband are off to Denmark for a traditional Danish Christmas. after my surgery during the summer I'm now able to travel, so I'm really looking forward to our trip. I've only arranged a few bits of decoration here & there. so they are all my favorite things with candles to give a sparkle. Enjoy decorating your tree.

Mikal said...

Your vase of vintage ornaments is my favorite picture ever! I love even more that it brings you special memories!

Have fun getting your tree!

Erin @ said...

I seem to pare down a little each year how much I put out. Now I'm left with the most meaningful things that spark great memories as we make new ones too. I loved adding my pewter Santa from you to our tree this year!

Leslie Harris said...

Loris I read this on the plane and tried to leave a comment and couldn't. I love this post!!! Beautiful and sentimental and filled with wisdom about the meaning of Christmas. Loved that quote, i'll have to visit the blog. I've been staying away from all the holiday tours because I notice it makes me feel bad afterwards. I don't even have a mantel this year. But I'm still happily decorating and im ok that it will never be worthy of an official blog tour hahahah wish you were closer you could come over and have a drink and visit while I decorate. :)

Farmgirl Paints said...

i just bought a pillow from her this week. so talented! it really is the thief of joy. oh how i hate that. much love to you sweet lori:))