Sunday, June 8, 2014

My Hometown ~ Moncton

The events of the past few days have been all consuming 
something like this does not happen in our little city

the gunman was caught Thursday night
and when I awoke on Friday morning
I breathed a sigh of relief ~ it is over

then while getting ready for work the press conference came on
I stopped to watch as they announced the names of the fallen officers
and the 2 in hospital

Constable David Ross, Constable Fabrice Gevaudan and Constable Douglas Larche


Doug?  No..... but he was accounted for
we heard it on the scanner on Wednesday night
we know now that accounted for did not mean that he was ok

you see before Doug joined the RCMP, he worked with Trevor
they were on the road ~ together steady for 4 days a week
every week

then the phone rang ~ Trev was at the fire station ~ he wanted to know if I was watching
choking back tears I picked up the phone
I cannot believe it

although we did not travel in the same circles anymore
it hit us both pretty hard

this is Doug and his wife Nadine on their wedding day
he leaves behind 3 little girls ~ 9, 8 and 4
it breaks my heart in 2

if you would like to read Nadine's message you can do so here

if you can say a prayer for her and her girls along with the families of the other officers involved I am sure they would appreciate it as well

I really hate and I know that hate is a strong word
that our city ~ my hometown will now be known for this
I have lived in or around here for most of my life

we used to be known for our magnetic hill 
where you can put your car in neutral and coast uphill
(really!  google it!)

now we join the ranks of places I never knew existed 
but are now known for incidences like this
all because one 24 year old had a problem with authority and
a dislike for the police

I have read every article, watched every video
cried, smiled and swelled with pride with the outpouring of support
the police force and our city has received from all over the world

the CN Tower in Toronto lit up last night in honour of the fallen
love * love * love

last night I got some flowers and went over to the police station
my lip quivered and my eyes welled up with tears

I shook the hand of an officer and said thank you
it's the least I could do

this video was shared today on facebook and I love that I can share it here with you.

We will come back ~ we will heal


Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh friend this is the first I've heard of the shootings in your town. I'm so sorry. How awful that you actual knew one of the victims. Seems like such a common thing these days. Isn't that a crazy thing!!! Random horrible acts of violence common. Sending a prayer to your town and those families.

Blondie's Journal said...

I have tears in my eyes as I read this, Lori, and I am so sorry that you and Trevor (amongst many others) lost this wonderful man, that your town, his sweet family and friends lost him due to the actions of this maniac. Please don't feel your town will be remembered by this act of violence. Be proud that all you citizens united to pay respects to the victims.

I live in a very "Blue Collar" neighborhood, mostly comprised of firefighters and police officers. When we lose one of our men the whole neighborhood...block after block after block goes into mourning. Funerals have to be held in gymnasiums for the crowds... we are all one when it comes to our heroes.

Bless you and all the people of your will be known for being caring, proud souls. And may prayers to the victims family and friends.


Cathi said...
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Cathi said...

Sending my love and prayers to all the families involved and also the friends. I'm sorry to hear that you lost a friend. It breaks my heart and it also brings back memories of my own dads shooting. I just will never understand the hatred that a select few carry with them instead of love and kindness. Beautiful post, Lori - you and your community have a lot to be proud of. Lots of hugs to you, sweet friend! xxoo

Leslie Harris said...

Oh Lori. Sad, sad, sad. That's how I feel when I read through your last posts. Sigh, I just don't know what to say at times like this. I am so sorry you lost a friend and that your city had to go through such senseless violence. And I am so heartbroken for that beautiful family and the three little girls that had their Daddy taken from them. I pray that healing comes to everyone feeling the hurt right now...following such a crazy, meaningless act. A big hug to you dear friend.