Monday, August 31, 2009

Molly ~ Pure Boston Love

I know that I have gone on and on
about my baby girl

oh ~ and if you did not know already
that baby girl
is my dog

she is a Boston Terrier
I love her to death
it is an unconditional love
a love I suppose most mothers feel for their children
and since I do not have children
my pets are my children...

This is my favorite baby picture of her
She was about 2 months old in this one.

We thought about getting another pet
I wanted a cat
He wanted a dog

I got the cat first
he's the grumpy looking one you have seen here before

So then one of the guys at the station
(hubby is a volunteer firefighter)
like I was saying ~ one of the guys at the station
had a female Boston
looking to breed her

Light bulb moment for Trev
as one of the girls where I work
has a male Boston
and had brought him over for a visit
a few short months ago
to warm me up to the breed
I thought they were ugly dogs
not cute at all
I wanted a Maggie
like the little Westie in the Ceaser dog food commercial!

So...I went to work and asked her
if she had ever thought of breeding Odie....
she wasn't sure
But agreed to meet with the female
and see how things went

So we played cupid
Got first pick
and the rest shall we say
is history

This is Odie ~ Molly's Dad:

Her Mom's Name is Daisy Mae:

Molly's sister Bailey is in this shot too

This is another Baby picture of her
what can I say ~ I am a proud Mom...

This is Molly's boyfriend Milo he lives next door

Oh ~ and I now think the breed is kinda cute
so don't call her a gremlin
or bug eyes
she is
My Baby Girl


Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Countdown Begins

Happy Sunday everyone.

This week-end has been a busy one as it is the
last full week-end before we leave on vacation.

And before you ask ~ NO ~ I am not a senior
who prefers to travel in the fall....

It's a work thing
Upsets me when I think about it
So let's just not go there.....

So as you can well imagine,
I was running around doing countless errands
and such before we leave next Sunday...

Did you ask where this girl was going
for the very FIRST time??

New York City!!!

Oh My Goodness
And I am soooo excited ~
I am sure I will not sleep this week

So along with taking in all the touristy type things
I hope to be able to see some photo opts like this one:

isn't it cool? I am sure I will be gushing more about it this week...
Bear with me as I have not been away for over 5 years!

Now I am off to dust off my suitcase!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

All Things Kennedy

I do not proclaim to be a Kennedy historian

But I have always been fascinated with the Kennedy family

I am not political in any way

I guess as a Canadian, I have always looked at the family
As American royalty

If the USA was to have a royal family
I would think the Kennedy's would be most people's 1st choice

So I was saddened today to hear of Ted Kennedy's passing

So soon after his sister

I guess this is like the end of an era
And I found it postworthy.....

Feeling Berry Blue

It is that time of year again
Blueberry season!

Although they are really not my favorite fruit
It is in the top 10!

Down at the farm ~ most of the time the berries were raked
I could never get the hang of raking
As you have to "wind" them to get rid of the leaves
And KEEP the berries
I was never much good at the keeping the berries part
So I hand picked

Now when we were kids ~ my cousins and I
would spend the week-ends on our grandparents farm

What is a sure fire way to get rid of 4 kids on a Saturday afternoon?
Send them to the blueberry field with a promise
of something wonderful for dessert that night.

So off we would traipse ~ across the field
To a little bit of heaven on earth.

My grandmother was a smart woman
As I look at the cups she gave us back then to collect in
They can't be more than 1 and a quarter cup
But it kept us busy for at least an hour or so...

pick 1 ~ eat 2 ~ pick 1 ~ eat 2
You get the picture

Then that night if we were lucky
and we usually were lucky
we would have this for dessert

Blueberry Grunt
A family tradition and favorite

Blueberry pie or cake may also be on the menu....

Maybe pancakes for breakfast on Sunday morning....

And usually some muffins in the pantry

This Mr. Blueberry is just for fun.

Not far from here is Oxford, Nova Scotia

They boast to be the blueberry capital of Canada
And yes ~ there is a picture out there somewhere of me
with Mr. Blueberry from many years ago
If I find it ~ I will post it.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Perfect Dress

I think I have found the perfect dress.....
What do you think??

Yeah ~ I know I thought you might like it....
I think I go with the full length though
Or even tea length
More chocolate that way!

and then of course
only these shoes would do....
Let me tell you
If I could pull this off
I would do it in a heartbeat!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

~Best Friends~

You know the old saying
that old friends are the best friends ~
I know that some of my best friends are the old ones
The ones that have been there for like for-ev-er.

Last night we had a little impromptu get together
as one of the old gang was home from out west
he used to go out with one of my best girlfriends

Enough time has passed now that they actually enjoy seeing each other
Maybe because they were smart enough to get out of
a bad relationship over 20 years ago
yeah ~ I am that old
I do not feel that old though
Is 44 old ~ some days I feel down right vintage!

Lori, Rocky, Robyn & Tracey

These girls I have known forever.
Robyn & I started grade 1 together, so I think we calculated that next year,
we will have known each other for 40 years.
She is the one that was my roommate when I got my 1st apartment.
I stood up for her at her wedding.
She had 2 adorable kids. She still lives in the old neighborhood.
We try so hard to keep in touch ~ we do.

Rocky to her best friends ~
nicknamed long before the movie came out ~
see I told you we were old!
She is the baby of the group ~ the first one that got married
She has 3 gorgeous kids ~
I am her middle daughter's Godmother
She is who I was bragging about back in June
The prom princess knockout.
I was also her maid of honor
This girl is the closest thing I have ever had to a sister
She is truly a keeper.
And nowadays she goes by Roxanne!

Last but not least is Tracey.
I learned how to drive a 2 wheeler in her driveway
No training wheels
Tracey and I have been through a lot together
We have many stories
She also has 3 beautiful kids.

It was her ex home from out west
They went out in high school
They had a baby together ~ who will be 25 next month
we called her our first baby
and she was at the party too

That's our 1st baby in the middle
She laughed so hard at her Dad
I don't think she remembers much of her Mom & Dad together
Maybe that's a good thing
That last year was not a great one

So these are the girlfriends I have had the longest
There is one missing ~ she couldn't find a sitter
Not sure why........
I called her Friday night to let her know about the get together
I told you it was impromptu!

We decided that we have to have an annual get together
We have to stay connected
Make time
We always have such a good time together
And laugh until you almost pee your pants
That's a good laugh!
Those are good friends!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

What Flavor Are You?

Has it been one of those days?
The humidity has been so bad here
that I want to jump into the freezer
and only come out in the fall.

You know what that means.....

Time for ice cream!
Although I love it ~ my hips do not enjoy it much.

So then I though
If I were a flavor...
What flavor would I be?

Vanilla ~ Not Me!
Not plain old vanilla...

May French Vanilla?
Creamy & Decandent...

Or what about something flashier?
Bubblegum or Pistacio....

No...I don't think so

And then ~ when I did figure it out
Would I be in a cone
Or a dish?

Wow ~ who would have thought it would be this hard?


Would I be a soft serve?

Or a sandwich?

Maybe an ice cream truffle.....

OK ~ I think I give up...

Too much to think about...

Maybe I'll just be a sundae...

And enjoy!

Happy Week-end Everyone!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What Makes Your Heart Happy?

What makes your heart happy?

When Trevor asked me why I loved him ~
I told him it was because he made my heart happy.
At our rehearsal party, the gift I gave him had the inscription:
"To the man that makes me heart happy"

He still makes my heart happy
and I thought I would
share some other things
that also make me happy......



A long distance call

A letter or a card

My favorite chocolate!

Good sheets

I know that I could NEVER live without it



A walk through the woods

The cape road

My husband and my furry kids

He's not mad ~ that's just his face!

And last but certainly not least ~
My friends & family....most days anyway!

What makes your heart happy?